A late Secret Santa drawing I did for foxery u v u

Hope everyone’s had a super great holiday/New Year’s!



Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve uploaded anything. So behold, pieces from my thesis. I’ve been working with major literary themes that can also be applied for editorial articles. From the top, the themes are pursuit, rescue, revenge, riddle a, riddle b, rivalry, temptation, and underdog

These are stunning, so impressed!


Audrey Benjaminsen


Brian Miller.  7



Here are all 51 of my images for the upcoming 3x3 show at MICA!

Originally, I posted these as they were completed, but it is actually a panel to panel comic of sorts. The first image (reading in rows from left to right) shows the journey of the man. The second image is the journey of the woman. The last image is where their paths cross.

I am considering compiling these as a small book or making prints of some of the better ones. I’ll keep you updated!

Each has been posted individually, so feel free to browse those if you want to see any up close.

That wraps things up for this series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it :)